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Monday, December 7, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Ralph Lauren seems to have the answer to the rainy day blues with this amazing Equestrian Print Rain Boots. They are classic with a bit of a retro feel, bringing me back to my 80s riding boots from High School.

Pictured here at $239 Regular $395


Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Too Early to Think About Holiday Gifts

The truth of the matter is that the holidays are right around the corner and it's not too soon to start looking at bargains and selecting gifts for friends and family. In today's economy we probably won't be going to Tiffany's for bulk orders.  is a great website for creative hand made gifts with a wide array of selections including those which you see below:

Vulva Pendants available to display your own "inner" beauty. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Wrap Up

Nothing quite spells fall to me like Burberry. In all its glory Burberry is a classic and an investment in fashion that won't go out of style. That being said it doesn't come cheap either, so here's are some wrap grabs for under $200

Burberry Bluebell Cashmere

Burberry Skinny Giant Check Scarf
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Featured in Regiment Red Check

OverPrint Scarf
Merino Wool 

From My Favorite Pocket Sized Designer

Who could possibly forget the pocket sized fireball designer from Project Runway, Christian Siriano? I mean hell, he coined the term "Hot Tranny Mess" which will forever be apart of our lexicon. 

Here's a boot from his collection for Payless Shoe Source....Not bad!!

Anna Sui for Target

I have been relatively uninspired as a Recessionista for a while, but lately things have been turning around for me and it started right here with Anna Sui for Target. 

How very smart of her to provide a collection of well made, tailored pieces for fall that actually don't look like they were sewn together in the dark some where. 

Coupled with the fact that Anna Sui teamed up with Gossip Girls it was a win win situation. 

Now personally I'm tired of collections that are all hype with no substance, ala McQueen for Target however Anna Sui hit the spot. Get it before it's gone. 

Monday, August 10, 2009

iPhone For the Win-Recessionista of the Week

This weekend I was privvy to the deal of all deals. AT&T was selling refurbished iPhones for $50. That's right $50. (with 2 year extended contract) I was hoping to find a cheap blackberry but came up on the motherload of all sales.

check out for the sale.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoe Works

I have a few favorite shoe designers and the Cole Haan Air line is way up top. The quality of Cole Haan leather and craftmanship, along with Nike comfort cannot be beat. I've been wearing their shoes for years, back when they only made flats. The year they came out with their first wedges, I copped 'em, and now they have all kinds of styles to choose from. 

This is my current obsession. Air Hurache Cole Haan. 
Regular $328
Available at (of all places) for $163.oo

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